Freelancing Websites like Fiverr

10 Freelancing Websites like Fiverr for Free

If you want to make money fast on different Freelancing Websites like Fiverr, these 10 freelance websites can help you get the job done. Whether you’re looking to make some extra cash or turn your side hustle into your main gig, there are lots of ways to do it through these free freelance websites. Check out the list below and start making money fast with your skills today!

10 Freelancing Websites like Fiverr 

If you think that Fiverr has become more saturated as a freelancer ,or you are a newbie so you can take a start of your Freelancing career from any of these Freelancing websites. They all are very professional and Highly rated freelance Marketplaces .


Upwork website is also very popular like Fiverr in Freelance market place .you can make your Portfolio and start working with different clients all around the world. Of course it will depend on the Freelance Niche you have selected .People on Upwork will pay you mostly per Hour or by the end of Completing the Project.

2.Freelancer is the third biggest Freelance marketplace around the world which gives a platform to freelancers and clients to get together and find work done online. You can easily make a portfolio over there and start freelancing from today! You will experience the best Freelancing experience like Fivver.

3.Facebook Groups

Facebooks groups are another very effective way of gaining Freelancing Projects .you just have to make a Facebook profile which should display your work over their. Than join Facebook groups related to your niche or Freelancing Groups .and Bid on projects regularly which are posted in these kind of groups. You can transfer those Facebook clients to your Freelancing website profile.


Leggit is a new Freelancing website like the ground is empty for you. Just go and setup your profile .you can establish your clients relationship on Legiit so easily. Because you will hardly face any kind of competition in Freelancers like it happens on Fiverr and must give it a try!

Freelancing Websites like Fiverr


24Task is another new Freelance website for beginners, they offer best Freelancing Prices for your hardwork and make sure the security of your earnings and clients relationship. You can start Freelancing on 24Task website from now or you can also download their android app in your Mobile phone for Easy to go work.

6.People per Hour

Yes, you can earn Dollars on per HOUR rate from any where around the world. People per Hour is like a Freelancing daily wages can commit your time with the clients and fulfill their projects to completion in the given time. And at the end you will get your Money.


If you are an expert in your Niche / Skillset than this Freelancing website is for you.Toptal stands for top talented people around the world. You can find any Freelancing work on this website related to finance, healthcare, social media, graphic design or any thing else.


Truelancer is another excellent Freelance Marketplace like Fiverr. unfortunately its also still undiscovered by many freelancers. You can start from here if you think that Fiverr has become too saturated .


Flexjobs is also another Freelancing website for starters ,they post Remote jobs in all categories .Industries and Organizations post their remote jobs over Flexjobs you can sign up over it with you google account and set up your profile and start getting remote jobs from Day one.


Lot but not the Least , Here comes the Most in Demand Freelancing website of Pakistan , WOEKCHEST .No doubt it is a Local website of Pakistan Region but you can work on it from any where around the world, weather you are a client or a Freelancer. You will meet the most talented and Professional people on this Freelancing website. You can work in all kind of categories on workchest Freelance Marketplace.

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