How to Sell Used Books on Amazon for Free

How to Sell Used Books on Amazon for Free

Looking for Answers to “How to Sell Used Books on Amazon for Free ?” In fact , Selling Used Books on amazon can be an incredible way to turn not a lot of Money into a lot of money because the ways that we’re going to go ahead and get these used books are going to be very very cheap and then you can find some potentially very profitable books and this is how i was able to build up my bankroll i started with about a thousand dollars selling books and I’ve now built it up to doing mid six figures on amazon this year i should do over a million dollars in sales on amazon so I want to share with you how i started my journey so you can get there for yourself if you’re brand new to the channel or if you haven’t already checked it out go ahead and check out the link down below there’s going to be a link to our completely free amazon seller discord server over 15 000 people in there would love to see you in there.

How to Sell Used Books on Amazon for Free in 6 Easy Steps

I am going to show you How to Sell Used Books on Amazon for Free and how i was able to Sell Used Books on Amazon for Free go ahead and find these used books so the name of the game with selling used books on amazon is getting the books as cheap as you possibly can an amazing way the way that i did the most and made the most profit off of was just going to thrift stores .

Step 1 : Search for the Book

so let’s say you live in Kansas city you’re just going to go ahead and search Kansas city thrift stores on Google maps you can see all these hearts are actually thrift stores that I’ve been to so if you’re in the Kansas city area go ahead and poke around here check out the hearts because these are some good stores that i went to and i would actually go on road trips so you can see, i went on road trips out to Kansas i went to Oklahoma and all these hearts i actually hit up these thrift stores that’s a little bit more of an advanced strategy you know but those were some pretty successful road trips but if you’re you know you’re in your city you’re just wanting to start a little side hustle go ahead and find a thrift store make sure that they have a books one thing that I did is i would click on the reviews for the thrift store and then you can search over here we can go ahead and search book and see usually somebody will be talking about the books in the reviews.

How to Sell Used Books on Amazon for Free

In this case they weren’t but that’s one way that you can check and make sure that a store has books sometimes they’ll even say this store has a really good book selection so that’s a good sign that you can go ahead and check that one out let’s see if we can find a good example of that so to show you what I mean here i went ahead and looked at this thrift store i searched book in the review and you can see a bunch of people talking about how the book selection at this thrift store is really really good so you know that could be a pretty good opportunity for you to go in and go ahead and scan some books so that brings me to the next way that i like to source books which was doing used book sales specifically going to like library sales anything like that so let’s say again let’s say you’re in Kansas city you’re going to go ahead and check out Missouri and then you’re just going to look through this list there’s even a calendar of future book sales and you’re just going to be looking through the ones in yellow are kind of the sponsored ones so i like to scroll down to the white ones then you’re just going to be looking for any library sales where there’s a good amount of books so in this case I’m not sure where California Missouri is but it looks like it’s a fairly consistent book sale there’s a couple thousand books it books like cape Girardeau on march 4th they’ve got a 4 500 books that they’re going to be selling so these are awesome opportunities to go in and buy a bunch in one day i used to do these used book sales fairly often i remember the most successful one.

Step 2 : Check Profits

 I went to a very large book sale in Oklahoma city and i came out making about twenty five hundred three grand in profit not too bad for a day’s work right so the next way that I like to source books is using Facebook marketplace specifically the local pickups within your area so looking here on Facebook marketplace I’m going to go ahead and select just local pickup and let’s say we’re within Kansas city again here so you can search to use books see if anyone’s got anything interesting kind of scroll through here so here’s something that might be worth checking out we’ve got nursing books here so we could go ahead and see if we can find any of these textbooks on amazon so let’s see if we can find this laboratory tests and diagnostics book so i found the listing over here on amazon and in this case we can see on the keepa chart this is another chrome extension i would recommend you have because it’s going to show you when the books are actually selling so we can see that there’s no drops on this sales rank chart meaning this book’s never sold so we would want to keep looking up some of these books see if it would be worth our while and then i did notice actually down here that there was another listing for a bunch more textbooks so we can do the exact same thing with these books looks like they’re only wanting five dollars per book so this might be a little bit more realistic.

How to Sell Used Books on Amazon for Free

 Or we can just go ahead and look up these titles try to find something that’s worthwhile this is a strategy that i really liked doing because you’re able to buy textbooks for five ten twenty dollars a piece and sell them for a lot more so you’re making a lot more profit per unit versus the books of the thrift stores you’re going to be finding a lot of books where you’re making three to five to six dollars profit per book but with textbooks you know it’s the work of labeling one book shipping in one book and you’re going to make a lot more money per unit so it’s just a better use of your time to flip textbooks but there’s plenty of ways to source textbooks right so now that brings us on to how do i know what these books are worth like sure i can take it what i just did here and i can Google a title but that’s going to take forever right so that’s where this tool comes into play this barcode scanner i would recommend going ahead and getting this barcode scanner basically it’s going to sync up with your phone and it’s going to read the barcodes that you can scan so let’s say I’m at the thrift store there’s a big pile of used books i can just scan this barcode on the back here and then pair that with this app that I want to talk about here so the best app for this business is called scout iq it’s basically a database of every single book that’s on amazon and it’s going to show you exactly what the books are worth you can see down here here’s kind of an interface but let’s go ahead and hop into my phone and I’ll show you exactly what it looks like with this book and a couple others that i picked out so i got this book right here off my bookshelf so we’re going to go ahead and see if this book is profitable using scout iq so we’re just going to go ahead and scan this barcode here and it looks like this book in this case it says we’re going to go ahead and reject this book but i want to go ahead and talk about the specific things on this.

Step 3 : Check on Amazon

The first thing I want to look at is the rank on this book as far as rank the closer to one you are the better in this case a 3000 rank is really good so that means it’s in the top 3 000 books probably basically in the whole world since it’s ranked on amazon and then the e-score is also another important metric to look at that’s going to show us the number of days within the last 180 days that this book is actually sold the highest it goes is 151 plus so in this case this book is probably selling multiple copies every single day so this book is selling very fast but it is selling for only 7.45 on the used buy box which is what we’re going to be competing for as fba sellers so this one’s not really worth our time but another book that i went ahead and pulled off my bookshelf is a textbook .

Step 4 : Some Helping Tools

I was at the thrift store and so I wouldn’t even have to look at my phone I would just be scanning listening to podcasts and I’d just be listening for that little chime that means i found some profit so in this case it’s showing us on the left column it’s showing us all the merchant fulfilled offers which are the books that are shipping directly from somebody’s house or their warehouse or their garage directly to the customers and what i like to do is fulfilled by amazon because when you do fulfilled by amazon you’re able to ship to amazon and then they take care of customer service they take care of shipping the items to the customers for you and shipping to amazon is very cheap it’s only about 30 cents a pound so i really like doing that looking on the right side over here it’s the same thing so the left side of the right column a little confusing there is the merchant fulfilled new offers and then all the way on the right we’ve got the fba offers for the new copies in this case we bought this book you know hypothetically we bought this book at a thrift store so it’s definitely in used condition and another thing that i like doing is we can go ahead and plug in a buy cost up here so typically you’ll be paying a dollar per paperback so if we plug in a dollar it’s going to show us our true net profit after the cost of the book right so that’s going to help us a lot when we’re at the thrift store we know that all those books are a dollar or two so it’s not going to be pulling up books where we’re making two three dollars when really we have to pay one or two dollars for that book we’re not gonna be making profit so you can actually go ahead and plug in your buy cost on this app and then that’s going to calculate it and help you know how fast things are selling .

On this listing i want to go ahead and talk about escort again so the last one we had 151 plus which means it’s probably selling every single day but in this case it has a 69 escort that means it’s selling once every 180 days and selling 69 times right so that doesn’t mean that it’s sold that many times that means that it is sold on that many days so probably since this is a textbook it sold quite a few copies back here in january when people were going to you know they’re getting their new textbooks they’re going to college so that was probably they were selling a lot per day but now that it’s the middle of march no one’s really buying textbooks right so they’re probably slowing down a little bit and one other thing that we can look at within this app is this button right here this is going to show us a keepa chart which is going to show us the exact sales velocity of this book so you can see how in January the sales rank dropped a couple times there which makes sense because every time you see a drop that means it’s selling and since it’s January people are buying textbooks right so that kind of all makes sense and we can look at the black line here to make sure that the book is actually selling for the price that it scans at because sometimes you might scan a book it says it’s selling for a hundred dollars but really that’s just someone who priced it at 100 and last week it sold for five bucks so those are some important things to look at but this app is super super that literally helped me sell almost 200 000 worth of used books in my career it’s been a very powerful app for me I would highly recommend it.

Step 5: List on Amazon

So now that we’ve got a big pile of profitable books we’ve went to thrift stores we’ve used scout iq we’ve found some profitable books but now the next part of the process can be a little bit confusing especially on your first try so what you’re gonna need to do is so let’s say we bought this Chinese textbook at a thrift store right so ,we’re going to go ahead and list this through amazon you can list it through amazon seller central or you can use this app that i showed you earlier I much prefer listing inventory with inventory lab because that’s going to just make the process much much faster but if you need to you can use amazon seller central at the start because this extension this this software is 50 a month so definitely if you’re you know your shoestring budget don’t go ahead and get this right away but it will help you make you a little bit faster so in order to prep these books to send into amazon we actually need to cover the barcode of this book right down here with a special barcode that amazon is going to give us so whether you list through amazon seller central or list it through inventory lab part of the process amazon is going to allow you to print out they’re going to give you the barcodes that you need to print out on these address labels here and then you’re going to cover the barcode and then after that you’re going to go ahead and box it all up ship it off to amazon fba.

Step 6 : Re-Pricing

if you really want to jump start your business these are the tools that i use so that takes us to the point where we’ve found books we’ve shipped them into amazon amazon has taken into inventory and now we just need to make the sales right so that’s where this last tool that i like to use comes into play it’s called be cool and essentially you can see a bunch of the books that i used to sell in the past on here but it allows you to set a minimum and maximum price on every single book that you’re selling which is going to not only protect your profits because if you don’t so this is a repricing software if you have never heard of repricing software these are going to monitor your pricing where every 15 minutes or so it’s gonna say are you still the price you want to be are you still tied for the lowest price on this listing if not we’re gonna go ahead and follow the person who lowered their price or maybe someone raised their price alright your reprice is going to say okay let’s get some more profit on this we’re going to raise our price so within be cool we’re going to be able to set a minimum so in this case this book i told it to never sell for less than 14 and never sell for more than 32 dollars and we can even set custom repricing rules all that kind of stuff you can get really fancy with this tool but this tells the repricer this tells amazon that i never want to sell this book for less than 14 and every 15 minutes it’s going to be monitoring that pricing to make sure that when there’s a customer that’s ready to buy this book for between 14 to 32 I’m going to be the one to get that sale.

So i really like using this tool this tool is 25 a month it’s been a great help for my business not absolutely essential right at the start but it’ll help you get set up and especially once you start doing a thousand or so in sales every single month i would highly recommend getting a repricer just because it is going to boost your sales so much more than that 25 a month that you’re paying for it.

Conclusion : 

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