How Will Technology Change Our Lives in the Future?

How Will Technology Change Our Lives in the Future?

Technology has already changed the way we live our lives, and there’s no end to that trend in sight. Take this quiz to find out How Will Technology Change Our Lives in the Future or may be five years from now! If you like what you read, share it with your friends on social media so they can take the quiz too! Let’s look into the future together!

How Will Technology Change Our Lives in the Future

How Will Technology Change Our Lives in the Future ?

Artificial Intelligence

Virtual Reality

VR will change entertainment, gaming and live events. It can also help people who are unable to leave their homes due to injury or illness. For example, virtual reality is being used by elderly people with dementia to access memories from long ago without leaving home.

Augmented Reality

In the past, augmented reality was mostly used for gaming or entertainment purposes, but now it is being used for professional purposes. An example of this is NASA using augmented reality to train scientists and engineers. The technology has also been used to train military personnel on how to spot improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Finally, augmented technologies such as these will allow people to simulate any situation they need before they are faced with it. For example, doctors will be able to practice surgery before they perform it on a patient.

Driverless Cars

In 2020, Google expects to release a self-driving car that will require no human intervention. In 2030, Google anticipates that most cars on the road will be self-driving vehicles. These predictions are based on advancements in technology, including smart highways and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. This could free up time for people to do other things while commuting such as catching up on work or reading a book.

How Will Technology Change Our Lives in the Future

Universal Basic Income

The idea of Universal Basic Income is that everyone would receive a base salary just for being alive. The idea is still new and it’s not exactly clear how it would work, but some people are very excited about the potential of this type of system. It could mean that we’ll all have more time to focus on creative endeavors or just spend time with friends and family. Plus, if a lot of jobs get automated out, which seems likely, there will need to be something for people to do with their time.

The Sharing Economy

What if everything you own was available to rent by others at a fraction of its purchase cost or value? This is part of what’s known as ‘the sharing economy,’ which companies such as Uber and Airbnb have now made famous. Thanks to the sharing economy, you can make your excess possessions available for those that need them, at a price lower than it would take to pay for them outright.

Autonomous Drones

In the future, autonomous drones will allow for deliveries to be made without human intervention. Drones are typically cheaper and more efficient than traditional modes of transport for goods. They also have better accuracy, agility, and flexibility than ground-based vehicles.

How Will Technology Change Our Lives in the Future

IoT Tech and Big Data

IoT is an abbreviation for Internet of Things. It is a concept where everyday objects and devices are connected to the internet, which allows them to be controlled and monitored remotely. As of now, IoT technology has been adopted by almost every industry and is projected to grow at a rapid pace. The biggest benefit of IoT is that it provides users with convenience because they can monitor their devices without being physically near them.

Is There a Downside to All of These Changes?

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