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Amazon KDP Q4 Niches for 2023

 Best KDP Q4 Niches for Every Year

Now we are interested in Quarter 4 , which is October, November, and December. So, the way I normally approach this is along the lines of gift giving because during these celebrations, holidays, it’s people buying gifts that contribute to the most amount of book sales. So what I do is look at each of these different events. And I think along the lines of buying a gift for kids.

1- Diwali

So something like puzzle books or activity books. And I ask myself, okay, would people buy puzzle books during this time? So let’s take October the first, have a look at something like Divali.Now I know this is a period of time of big celebrations, but I’m not sure if people buy gifts during this time. So what I do is go along to Amazon, put in Diwali puzzle book.”239 results”.

kdp q4 niches

And straight away the first book that appears here has 160 reviews. Now we can look at the best sellers rank, which is high, and this doesn’t give us a good indication when we’re investigating these events, niches, ahead of time, because people may not have yet started buying these types of books. But if we look at the number of reviews, this book’s got 160 reviews over the last, what two years, or actually that looks more like three years. 

So I note for my books that I get about one review for every 30 sales. So we could say that this book may have sold between 4,500 to.5,000 Books and selling at $9.99.The profit per book would be around that $2.50 to $3 mark. So this one book alone may have made the publisher around $10 to $15 over those few years, which is pretty good.

So we go to this book. Now with Helium 10 plugin and  x-ray Amazon product research , we can see that from about early September onwards, the sales increase and we get to around, 89 book sales per day, and then tails off towards the beginning of December. And the same occurred last year. So this looks very promising. It means that this book has made sales.

2 – Thanksgiving

Is there a market for coloring books, other types of puzzle books in this niche? So going back to our celebrations list towards the end of November, we’ve got Thanksgiving. Now I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. I’m not sure if this is a big gift giving time for kids. I do know families sit around and have these big meals as I’ve seen on the TV. But we could take the same approach, go to Amazon, put in Thanksgiving puzzle book. 501 results.

 And straight away again at the top of the list, we’ve got this book here with a lot of reviews. And this was published in 2018. If we scroll down here, we’ve got some other books, Thanksgiving word search puzzle book, not many sales. Again, doesn’t look like there’s many sales in all these other books.

kdp q4 niches

So we’re not getting a great idea from this. We do have a lot of autumn word search books though, which is interesting. And from early September onwards, it looks like sales for this book slowly increased to around about the 90, 80 to 90 a day. And same for last year, lightly less sales than the year before, but that looks very promising. We’ve got a decent number of sales over a two to three month period starting around now. 

3- Autumn

 if you are wondering what other types of puzzle books you could create. what interest me here is the autumn word search book. now we’re looking at something the autumn word search, again, which would be a Q4 niche on Helium 10, the sales graph looks very good.

kdp q4 niches

 So again, from around the beginning of September sales of these books slowly increase up to around 77 a day and then tail off towards the mid, end of December. So that’s a nice big period of time for sales. And again, worthwhile looking at potentially other types of puzzle books in this niche. So there’s three for you straight away, Divali, Thanksgiving and autumn word search books. But you can use that celebrations list and go through a similar sort of process for these other dates.

4 – Halloween

So we come onto the two big niches for this period of time ,and the first one is Halloween, and that will be for Halloween themed books. 

kdp q4 niches

we’ve got puzzle books, activity, books, coloring books. Again, These sell very well, it is competitive. So you may want to look at those less competitive sub niches within this overall Halloween themed niche.

What I would avoid doing is just creating those Halloween plane lined notebooks, unless you can come up with something probably humorous and very unique. The problem is this type of year, this time of year, there’s lots of those type of books listed on Amazon. It’d be very difficult to get your just basic lined journal or notebook seen.

5 – Christmas

kdp q4 niches

So you’ve got two lots there, the Christmas themed ones and the non Christmas themed ones. Again, there’s going to be competition. So in a similar method that I showed you just now on those untapped niches or finding those untapped niches, you could apply that similar method.

 Also, it’s a good time for adult gifts as well. So adults buy coloring books, adult coloring books are insanely popular. Again, you want to find those underserved or untapped sub niches within that overall niche. But also think about things like diaries, planners and books centered around humor, because some of these diaries and planners, you could think of something unique as a humorous cover. Again, the plane lined notebooks journals would be very competitive.

 6 – Back to School

So now let’s have a look at a couple of ideas you may not have thought of. And one is the back to school niche. If we look on Google trends, we can see that towards the end of December, which is still in Q4, people start to search and think about back to school. And so from around mid-December you may find books within this niche start to sell. So you’ve got things like gifts for teachers and coaches. 

I’ve got about 300 sports related books aimed at coaches. Again, sell very well during that December period. But also think of books that school pupils will buy those going back to university and college. So you’ve got things like the Cornell notebooks, the composition notebooks and the graph paper notebooks. They sell very well this time of year because this time of year is the back to school period of time. But also mid to end of December as well, which will take you through to January.

kdp q4 niches

But now is the time if you’re thinking of starting to create those books, create them now, get them in the market so that some sales can start to trickle in. You get a bit of sales history, and hopefully some of those may take. Off towards the end of December time. And then also at the end of December.

7 – New Year

we’ve got new year. Now you may think, well, people might not be buying gifts for kids and adults during new year. But I want to think about this. And that is it’s a big time for new year resolutions. People want to get their life organized in order, want to go to the gym, build muscle, lose weight, get fit, make money. So one of the areas I like are planners, particularly centered around fitness, diet and productivity.

kdp q4 niches

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